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Lynette - Travel Advisor

Top 30 Virgin Voyages Advisor | Royal Caribbean l Top 150 Carnival Cruise Advisor


I am here to help you save time, money, and eliminate the stress of vacation planning. It's my pleasure to turn your dream of sailing with Royal Caribbean into a reality. Each month, To ensure personalized service, I only take on 15 new clients.

To get started, all you need to do is pay a $100 planning fee for my Cruise Planning service. Once you receive your desired itinerary and price quote, you'll have 5 days to confirm the booking with a down payment. If the booking is not confirmed within this period, the planning process terminates.

However, your $100 planning fee isn't lost. It becomes a credit that can be used towards the planning fee for any Royal Caribbean sailing within the next year

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If you're looking to plan a Royal Caribbean group cruise for your family and friends (Min. 8 cabins)

Note:  All requests received after 2PM EST Monday - Friday, will be reviewed on the next business day. 

What our customers say about us

Whitney, Etaveon, Nevaeh, Eddie

Andrea & Rikketa

Fontella, Tierra & Kni' Sheemah

Good morning, this trip was well worth it. When we first got to the terminal everything went smooth with check in. We only had to sit and wait for about 30 minutes then we boarded the ship. Muster drill only took about 3 minutes. They let us go to our rooms a couple of minutes before 1:30 our room was convenient cause a lot of things we wanted to do was in the back of the ship. Dinner was amazing the food was actually good. The buffet I didn’t really care for. Guys burgers was AMAZING! Mongolian wok was good but the line was moving so slow. The shows were great my favorite was love and marriage and deal or no deal. The only thing I would change different next time is my dinner time. Seem like all the shows and karaoke was the time we went to dinner so we skipped dinner the last night. Bimini was so HOT we only stayed over there for about two hours. We went to rent a golf cart and they was all sold out so we just hung out at the free beach.  Overall we had a good time . I want to THANK YOU again. I will be booking with you again cause I got a-lot of family that want to go with us next time. 

Honest Review:
Travel Agent Review:
Having Lynette as a travel agent, we were confidently prepared for the trip. The unexpected gifts were a pleasant surprise and it was almost as if she knew the people's personalities in the state rooms. She was able to find and apply a better deal after booking. Overall 100 out of 10 would recommend and will 100% be coming back for the next trip!

Overall Trip Review:
The ship was sailing at total capacity but it never really felt like it. While the Charleston port is definitely different compared to other ports it is a well-oiled machine embarkation and debarkation was a breeze and everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. It is the oldest ship in the fleet so of course it was dated and I definitely recommend bringing long charging cords or extension cords.

The food in the MDR was mediocre and the overall experience in the dining room was not great. After the first 2 nights, we chose to eat elsewhere for dinner for the remainder of the cruise. To avoid crowds on embarkation day even though you are directed to deck 9 for food there was also a buffet on deck 5 that was much less crowded. Guy's Burgers was great as well as JiJi Asian Kitchen and Cucina del Capitano. Seaday brunch was mediocre as well. The room service was quick and the food was decent. The late-night buffet was okay as well.

As for entertainment, Jasper the cruise director, and the fun squad were excellent. The comedians were not so much like they were not really funny the audience was more amusing than the comedians themselves.

Overall it was a great vacation!

Thank you for all your  help. This cruise was everything and more. I met a lot of new people from different parts of the world, eaten food I’ve never tried before, and laughed more in 5 days then in 5 months. What a wonderful experience!!!!

Thank you

Daisha, Amiya, Clifton, Scott

Elizabeth & Kevin

James, Addison, Brittany, James

Hey Lynette!!!!!!
Well, I'm home and back to reality, if I could jump right back on that Mardi Gras ship babeeeeee. It was a LITUATION as soon as our feet hit the floor. We announced ourselves like we was on a Disney ship and immediately started 💃🏿.  Everyone on that ship knew our family, all in a good way(nothing negative) we danced with everyone, my cousin battled anyone and everyone on the dance floor. It was a vibe everywhere we showed up.  My husband had 4 knee surgeries, but at the sail away party this man was jumping around dancing  like he had a whole new body!!! He was the Bionic Man of the crew. Now to the accommodations, our location was perfect! The room was perfect for the 3 of us, we never felt like sardines in a can.  We were so touched by the beautiful treats you  had for us.  My brother was also surprised with the cookies you sent for him. I talked about you and Stanley so much my other family members was hatinggggggg!!!! I told them  " CODEFUN TRAVEL is top tier baby" their travel agents was low budget! LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
We auditioned for Family Feud and made it all the way thru but lost at the last phase 😭😭😭.  
The food on the ship was a hit and miss! We loved Shaq Big Chicken, Guys  Burger was ok, Pig and Anchor was ok, the Panini place and Pizza was on point, but that ChiBang was TRASH! We waited forever, we didn't get all of our food, and when we did get it it was raw and cold. They apologized and invited us back for lobster the next day. We was having  such a good time, we forgot about dinner!
All in all, I would DEFINITELY sail on this ship AGAIN!
Thank you sooo much for blessing us with your expertise,  we will be In touch with you for our next one 😜. I know this was so long, but I had so much to say please forgive me! We love Codefun Travel and Lynette and Stanley are our family!!!!

Hi,  we had a nice time on the cruise.  Everything was good, except the air wasn't working in some part of the ship. But it wasn't that bad, it was hotter outside. Carnival did give us money back on our account. You really made our  first time cruise experience stress free.  I will love to use your services again. We would like to bring the kids on the next cruise. We was thinking a Carnival Cerebration. I would never forget this anniversary.  Thank you   

Brenda & Tataneisha

Thank you so much for helping to coordinate our trip and for answering our questions along the way. We had an amazing trip and met so many incredible people. This was both of our first times traveling out of the country and your expertise helped to make this a smooth trip. Thank you too for the bottle of sparkling cider. That was really a surprise and so sweet 🥰❤️. I sent you an email the other day with some pics from the trip but I'm not sure if you received them so I'll send some more with this email. Hopefully we'll cross paths in the future and I'll continue to watch you and Stanley on YouTube. Thanks again!!!!!!!!! We appreciate you!!!!!

I want to thank you for all you did to make our cruise great and especially the fruit basket and cookies, that wasn't necessary but extremely appreciated. They were delicious! I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know looking to book a cruise.

Treva & Duane

Reginald, Kashaka, Jade

Jilnell, Maleya, My'kiah, Mycalya

Lynette, I want to personally thank you for an amazing vacation experience!  I've been traveling with you a few times a year since 2019 and you out do yourself everytime!! This past trip was very well thought out. I love that you're so thoughtful!! You placed us in the best possible spot for me and my family. I loved how close we were to everything and the family harbor lounge and the Ocean Camp for the kids down the hall was a huge plus!! You are detail oriented and efficient when it comes to all the extras such as additional transportation, hotels, etc. If my vacation isn't planned by you, I'm not going!!! Thank you again for everything that you do!!

Hi Lynette, We really enjoyed our first Cruise. The Cabin was a lil cramped but manageable. The Cabin location was on Point.

The Food was good, but there was problems with most of the Ice Cream Machines on and off everyday. My daughter was looking forward

to the Ice Cream. That was disappointing for her. There was beautiful sites. It took me 2 days to realize I didn't I didn't have to go outside

in that heat because there was plenty to do on the inside of the Ship while my daughter enjoyed herself outside with her mother.

We took that 25 min walk to the Beach on the Bahamas in the Heat....Won't do that again, but site seeing was enjoyable. On Carnival's Island Beach.

My wife found out the Black People do get Sun Burn. I didn't have that problem because I stayed on the Ship. Over All we had a nice time.

We learned a few do's and don't to use when we take our next Cruise. I would like to Cruise on Carnival's newest Ship, The Mardi Gras. We will start making plans soon. Thanks Lynette, We Appreciate you and look forward to working with in the future.

Thank you for taking care of our vacation, it was great.

Brandon & Charity

Outstanding trip. Thank you again. 

Liz & Corey

Lynette! You were already the ‘bestest’ and made everything super easy and smooth for our trip. Taking a call on embarkation day was above and beyond.

Then you also gifted us BIG TIME upon arrival. What SWEET surprises!! We couldn’t have been more delighted! Especially me, sugar-free cake!!! Wow! And wine! Delish!

Thanks so much for making this first cruise a FANTASTIC one that we’ll never forget!


Alvin & Donna

Jennifer, Donna & Keisha

Mrs.Lynette I wanted to thank you for your help that you provided. I really enjoyed the Dolphins

Hi Lynette, We can’t thank you enough for all your knowledge when it comes to taking a cruise 🚢!!  Thank you so much for bottle of wine, it was a very good choice and we all enjoyed it .  Please continue to do your videos because they were very helpful. 

Erin & Ruben

Amy, Carissa & Trevor

Heyyyyy Lynette, We had such an amazing time! Thank you for the cookies,  they were delicious and we (mostly me) ate all of them lol. The surprise decorations from Ruben were delivered and ready and looked so good.  We were fighting with getting the light on when we walked into the room then I just beelined to the luggage mat to put my bag down and totally didn't notice them. Ruben had to bring me back to the door and walk me in again 🤣 I didn't expect it at all and it came out really nice. We appreciate you so much and I think we might have made a cruiser out of Ruben! 😊That said,  you already know I'm gonna be on a mission to get our next one booked.  Now to decide,  try a bigger Carnival ship or Virgin? I'm ready to plan another for us. 

Thank you again!!!

Greetings Lynette, On behalf of myself and my children, I wanted to thank you for your support as our wonderful travel agent for this cruise that we just returned home safely from.  I also wanted to thank you for the delicious cake and wine that you gifted us onboard the ship🙏. We all enjoyed the cake and I enjoyed the wine😜! You have truly made this a memorable experience for me and my children!🥰  Again, this was our first time cruising and I thank you so much for your patience with taking the time to answer my numerous questions.  I sincerely believe that without your advice and your YouTube videos, our cruise would have turned out differently, and definitely not in a good way!😅  am hoping I could have you be our travel agent again, whenever we are ready for another cruise later in the future.  And finally, God bless you and Stanley for everything that you do for all of us, with all of the knowledge you share for free on your YouTube videos!

Jess & Dan 

Our first experience was great. You answered questions that we were confused about and didnt understand. You were very helpful up until the end. We really appreciated everything you did for us! The customer service was amazing! We plan on using you again, we are hoping next year around the same time! We thank you again for all your help and everything you did for us! 5 stars! 

Shantasha & Trina

I would like to thank Lynette for her services during our cruise. This was my mom's first cruise and the way Lynette had things set up along with some extras helped my mom feel more at ease and it gave her a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to using her services in the near future.


 Thank you so much for your wonderful gift in our cabin the trip was glorious a well needed vacation I cannot say enough about the awesome job you did everything was awesome   We did not have any major issues the  accommodations were great and it was overall a memorable trip for me and my children so thank you again I look forward to playing another cruise with you later on this year.

Candace & Charles

Man...where do I start. When I tell you we got top knotch service from beginning to the end... I'm not even lying. First of all, Lynette responds so quickly to every single one of my questions. Even when she was on her own vacation, my messages didn't sit longer than an hour, which isbggreatmy appreciated. She does a great job answering all my questions and painting the picture so we knew what to expect. It's also so great that her and STANLeeeeey make videos about the dos and donts to cruising. Very helpful information.

But what I really wanna brag about is how quickly she thinks on her feet. We had a hiccup with our transportation to the port. I messaged Lynette on her after hours line and within minutes she was in the phone with me easing my mind. Because the transportation made an error Lynette shot me the money to pay for an Uber (who does that??? Nobody but Lynette ). But then the day before we were supposed to get off the boat we received a call from customer service thay said, "Hi Ma'am! We were ordered to inform you that your transportation going I home is all set. You will have no issues". Now when I tell you that woman sounded like she knew she better deliver that message accurately and expeditiously. Lynette does not play with you, your time or your money. We celebrated our anniversary and I didn't remember even mentioning thay but she spoiled us with some goodies sent to the room. I mean her attention to details and her follow through is unmatched. Listen, do yourself a favor and book with her. She might regret me because working setting up our next family reunion cruise with her and my folk CRAZY

Thank you again for a beautiful experience.

Steven & Renee

Lynette always kept us informed and we never had to wait more than the next day for her to respond. I usually plan out things on my own, it was a nice relief to know I had Lynette for backup! For our first cruise it was a great experience! The staff was awesome, always friendly. Definitely learned a lot about traveling outside of the U.S. Had some good and some not so good experiences. Would definitely consider going on another cruise again, Caribbean next time . Will use Code Fun Travel for that one!

yevette & Charles

Hey Lynette! ’m still recovering!! ( yevette) we both had a fabulous time 🥰 check in went smooth it only took about 20-25 minutes total! ( and there were a lot of people) the room was ready and there was a plate of chocolate covered strawberries 🍓 waiting for us!! ( that was so sweet!  Thank you 🙏) we ate at the buffet and the main dining room ( Me and Charles like the main dining room more than the buffet) we also ate at The pizzeria and Guy’s burger’s! ( both were great)  we tried 2 specialty restaurants ! Guys pig and anchor barbecue and Ji Ji Asian kitchen both were excellent 😋we went to the comedy shows, sports bar, played bingo, hung out on the lido deck, I Max theater and Charles entered a Corn Hole competition! ( he  won 2nd place out of 20 teams)  Jamaica 🇯🇲 and Grand Cayman were great ( no excursions) so hot 🥵 and humid!! Did a lot of shopping!!  Cozumel pretty much got rained out we were an hour late getting there so carnival gave us a credit/ port fee deduction of  $22 ( we just stayed on the ship)  over all we had a very good experience ❤️ Thank you for all of your help and suggestions!! 

Donnie & Alicia 

Grand Rising, first of all we want to thank you for the unexpected welcoming gifts waiting for us in our cabin. You have gone above expectations to help make this seamless.  Thanks again for assisting us on this journey, hope to see you on the next one. 

Eva & Kesha

As 1st time cruisers, Lynette at Code Fun Travel, assisted us in having an unforgettable experience on the Carnival Breeze in May 2022. My wife and I were so nervous and had no clue as to what to expect on this journey. Lynette took the lead and made everything so simple for us. Her knowledge of what we needed was head on. Placing us in the right place on the ship allowed us to enjoy every moment without any motion sickness. She checked in with us days before the cruise to ensure all credentials were provided and to ensure any last minute matters were handled. We will definitely be using her again as we plan to take our kids on their first cruise. Thanks Lynette for being the best travel agent.

The Thomas Family

Thank you sooooo much for planning the most perfect vacation! We had such a blast! Our son who is very hard to please had the most fun on the ship. He made so many new friends and had a blast at the teens club especially since he got to come home at midnight. This morning he literally said mom and dad I don't want to leave. I wish I can stay on the ship. That truly put a smile on our faces because we literally have to pull the fun out of him whenever we go somewhere fun. Thanks also for the goodies. We enjoyed them all. You are truly the best. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends and for our next vacation! Take care and best wishes.

Sandra & Junior

Hi Lynette! My Husband and I can not thank you enough! This trip was memorable, exciting, relaxing, and one of a kind experience. You are truly amazing! Thank you for 2 bottles of wine and chocolate covered strawberries. It really warmed our hearts. You made our 1st time cruising together a success and we look forward to many more bookings through your company. Again, thank you Lynette. God bless you and your family. Take care. 🤎🙏🏾

Danae & Oscar

Wow!! Lynette,  Thank you for all the treats and sushi!!! It’s was such a great experience!! We had a blast and you got us premier staterooms!! We loved being on the Lido deck so close to everything! You definitely spoiled us and now I don’t think we can do anything else but a balcony moving forward! Already thinking of a family trip 2023. Thanks again for all you help and answering all my questions! 

Danae :) 

Terri & Wille Mae

Hi Lynette!!! Yeesssss you did a great job. But hey I may be biased. Lol. But no seriously there were no complaints. We all really enjoyed ourselves. We had a wonderful time! So much fun!  So yes the trip was a blast. And we can’t wait for the next one!

Mathew and Julita

Mathew and I just wanted to take a minute to thank you so much for all your assistance in one of the best vacation experiences we have ever had.  Our cruise was amazing,  relaxing and so much fun!  We especially wanted to thank you for the delicious goodies that were delivered to our room.   What a special and tasty surprise!  
We will definitely cruise again and are

planning on using your services again.   I may have even shared our wonderful experiences with other and gave out your information. Thank you again!

Garry & Talita

We took our very first cruise and we wouldn't have known what we did without Lynette. This is our first time using a travel agent and she made our booking smooth. She kept us up to date on everything even when they lifted the no test needed for covid-19 for certain cruisers. When we got to our room, she had a special delivery for us and we appreciate that. She even took the time to see our likes when it comes to drinks and snacks. If you need someone to book your next cruise then your in the right spot ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. — feeling thankful at Carnival Cruises at the Port of Miami.

Louis, Leonard & Comanici

Planning this cruise was  super easy because we had Lynette "our wonderful TA" guide us the process. She quickly answered all questions and concerns that we had. She also had a bon voyage gift waiting in the cabin. I totally recommend Code Fun Travel. Again A Big Shot Out To Lynette!!

Felipe & Consuelo

Thank you for the cake  and waters!! Cake was delicious!. Everything was perfect, it was great and fun time.. Cozumel was the best part of the cruise!  Thank you again for your services!!

Karmon & Kevin

Thanks for the cake we enjoyed especially on the late nights.  We had an amazing time and we are ready to plan the next one. 

James and Amaris

Whew.. Lots to take in. 😄 First, Thank you so much for the gifts sent to us and for the awesome advice. We got to meet Ryan Rose and we mentioned you . Great Guy...He also sent Amaris a little gift of  chocolate covered strawberries. Our trip had a few ups and downs but, overall a good experience. Hope you have a wonderful trip on the 10th..😄

Joseph & Karlia

We had a fabulous time. It was a much-needed vacation and time away from reality.  Working with you made everything so easy and  the follow up emails and what to expect was wonderful. Especially for my husband where this was his first cruise.  

I don't have any complaints, the only thing I think Carnival could donis when they have announcements to have them in the rooms as well as the halls. The did exceptionally well with cleaning and the up keep.

We are ready for another. The next one will be with the kiddos. Thank you again for everything. 

Robert & Beverly

Before I go another day without saying it. Hands down the best ever. Thank you for all the very sweet gifts. You are amazing. We had some bumps that had nothing to do with you or your service. Again thank you from the whole of our hearts. 

Deon & Marcus

Thank you the trip was so much fun and we couldnt stop eating those honey oatmel raisin cookies you ordered for us in the room they was so good. Thank you again

Tavon & Kenya

All of my expectations were met to the fullest extent with Lynette’s help! The room was great, transportation to and from the port was amazing, and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better than Lynette to book a vacation with. I mean she went even further and got a cake sent to our room!! Like…. Who else is doing such things for their clients? Anyway Code Fun Travel should be your go to for anything that includes vacation and I can’t thank her enough for her help. 

Herlina & Shantell

I can't thank you enough for EVERYTHING you did for us for this cruise! The boys loved the cookies and the Cake! I did too it was delicious! They wore me out at that water park lol! We didn't do any excursions money was not long enough for that lol but next time we will.  I can say our first cruise was a well deserved and needed cruise! I found out the day before we left that my only living Uncle passed  away so was kind of sad but I got it together to celebrate my twins Birthday, my Uncle would have told me not to weep for him but enjoy your cruise with my great nephews!   We took plenty of pics and I tried to tag "Codefuntravel" on majority of them too! Bout to start saving for the next one! I even tried Alligator &  Frog Legs Lol! Thank you so so much again, We Really enjoyed it!

Michael & Christa

We really enjoyed the cruise. The spa suite was worth every penny. Galveston is a very interesting port city. It has a rich history with many things to see & enjoy. We are very interested in the Virgin cruise next year.  Also, thanks for the gift. 

Dulyx & Patricia

Hi Lynette, Happy New Year. We had an amazing time on the cruise, weve been talking about when to take our next one. Thank you so much for the gifts you sent. The girls love Thing 1 and Thing 2 and we killed all the fruit lol. Thanks for all your help with planning the cruise. We will definitely reach out when we're ready to do it again.

Lorraine, Christina, Delores, Marcus, Michael, & Nychelle

We had a ball on the Celebration. We did a couple of excursions, and I was able to upgrade our cabin to an extended aft cabin—room 12516. The view was amazing, and moving forward, I want all my rooms to be aft balcony rooms hehe.  Here is a breakdown of the celebration from my point of view. Food- We did not eat in the MDR. We had reservations at the Steakhouse, which is always good 4 stars. Rudy's seagril is a must if you like seafood 4 stars. Bonsai teppanyaki  5 stars.. the garlic rice is amazing.  Shack's Big check is good.. but the Guys burger hit different on the celebration was the best I ever had on any of the Carnival ships.  Sea day brunch was on point! the skillet cake was delicious, I could not believe how good it was versus the other ships. My family enjoyed the 12-hour french toast.  Chi bang, Emerils, , the sandwich spot i forget the name, and Cucino del Capitano are all worth going to. Street eats was just ok.  There are so many paid and free places to eat that MDR is not worth it. Fun- Carnival is the fun ship! so many things to do. The new aerial shows are great, but you have to find a seat an hour before the show starts. Pro-tip you want to be on the far left side on the 6th floor where the balcony seats with the glass in front of them. Excursions. We did dune buggies in Grand Turk 5 stars! My son drove the entire time while I recorded.   In Puerto Rico, we found a local tour guide that charged 20 dollars per person, it was an informative trip 3 stars.  In ST Maarten, we did the Sea trek helmet dive 5 stars! so much fun, but I did chicken out and had to go back up after 5 minutes.You cant take pictures with your go pro or phone. You have to buy their picture package, which costs 80 dollars. Thank you for the gifts. You are the best! We will book more cruises with you, and I think my sister-in-law will book with you soon. 

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