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Lynette - Travel Advisor

Top 30 Virgin Voyages Advisor | Royal Caribbean l Top 150 Carnival Cruise Advisor


Business Hours:

Mon - Wed:  10:00am - 4:00pm est.

Thurs - Friday: 10am - 2pm est

Sat - Sun:


Holiday Hours:


February 19, 2024, May 27, 2024,

June 19, 2024, July 4, 2024,

September 2, 2024, October 14, 2024, November 11, 2024, November 28 - 29, , December 25, 2024, January 1, 2025


Code Fun Travel customer service is rendered exclusively to our clients that book through us, no exceptions

If you currently have a Booking with Carnival Cruise Lines, please contact Carnival at 1-800-764-7419.

TAKEOVER REQUEST: If you are interested in transferring your current booking to Code Fun Travel please click HERE to be redirected to our Agent Takeover Form.

Ready To Book A Carnival Cruise? Let's get started HERE, please do not send the below contact us form to initiate or express interest in booking a Carnival Cruise. Please follow my streamlined process HERE to get started.

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