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Lynette - Travel Advisor

Top 30 Virgin Voyages Advisor | Royal Caribbean l Top 150 Carnival Cruise Advisor


 YouTube Blueprint Mentorship Program

Join our monthly mentorship program and receive unparalleled guidance, support, and training. Every month is a chance to dive deep, get personalized attention, and achieve breakthroughs in your endeavors.

(Only 15 spots available each month 

Why Join Our Mentorship?

Focused Guidance:  Direct access to experienced mentors who specialize in travel and cruise content creation on YouTube. Our personalized mentorship is tailored to your specific goals, helping you craft content that viewers want to watch, engage your audience, and grow your channel.


Flexible Learning: Dive into topics that matter most to you, at your own pace, with the  our support as your mentor.

Flexible Commitment: Dive into mentorship on your terms. Opt for monthly engagements that match your pace. There's no long-term obligation—only continuous value. Embrace the freedom to explore mentorship as your schedule and needs evolve


Build Connections:  Step into an exclusive community of like-minded travel content creators on YouTube. This is your space to enhance your network within the travel and YouTube realms, offering unparalleled opportunities to learn from peers, share experiences, and collaborate. 


Continuous Support: Receive ongoing mentorship that evolves with your channel, ensuring you're always moving forward.

$99.99 Per Session

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