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Don’t Double Tip at the Bar!

Hey fam! Here's the lowdown: when you buy a drink at any of the ship’s bars, the gratuity is already included in your bill. No need to add extra.

But heyyyyy, if a bartender makes your day, hooks you up and continually add’s value and service a little extra tip can make their day. It’s all about spreading joy and appreciation. They work hard to keep the good times rolling for us all onboard.

So sip back and relax, knowing your tipping game is on point. Cheers to making the most of your cruise without the worry!

Just a FYI: If you’ve purchased the CHEERS Package, rest assured that your gratuity/tip is already included in the packages price but like we say…. A extra TIP never hurts. -

Catch you in the next post with more insider cruise tips to keep you cruising like a pro!

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